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Masjid e Abuzar 2nd Phase Competed in Ahmadpur Sharqia Bahawalpur --
Ration Packs Distributed in Dip Upper KPK Akhagram --
Water Hand Pumps campaign in Full Swing --
Gifts Distributed in KPK Dir Upper Akhagram --

Donate Water hand pump for £100


Donate Water Hands Pumps

To end the water crisis in Pakistan and to keep Pakistani families healthy and happy, Quran Online Charity are installing water pump across its most impoverished areas in Pakistan. Your water pump donation will help locals to collect clean drinking water quickly and efficiently for their families. This will save them time and energy. Our help is needed by hundreds of thousands of Pakistani families! A complete Water hand Pump costs £100 and can provide a family with safe, clean and drinkable drinking water in their community.

You can make a difference and help alleviate the water crisis in Pakistan. One of this by supporting Quran online charity that work towards providing a water hand pumps to needy and poors.

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Water hand pump

You will receive an installation report with pictures and location of the Hand Pump in One to Two Months. You can choose a name for the plaque which we will display on water hand pump.

Positive Impact to Donate Water Pump

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), said that the best way to show charity was by giving water. (Hadith). The cost of providing this life-giving source is low - the water pump cost £100. But the rewards are eternal. A plaque is erected at the site to thank donors. This plaque can be personalized with the name of the loved one for whom they are donating the Sadaqah Jariyah. As part of the feedback process, donors receive a written report with photos. Water is an essential human need for many people who do not have it. Donate and save lives by supporting our water hand pump appeal.

By donating a water hand pump to those in need in Pakistan, you can make a lasting impact on these communities' lives by providing them with an essential resource - clean drinking water. Helping individuals gain access to safe drinking water not only improves their health but also empowers them economically and socially by freeing up time spent fetching water from distant sources.


Benefits of Water Pump Charity

Water hand pumps are small, but effective mechanisms that can provide a household with clean drinking water or a small community. We are currently supporting the installation water handpumps in Pakistani remote areas of Punjab and KPK. Water pumps can provide as much water per household as needed for cleaning, cooking and drinking.

If you're looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the water crisis in Pakistan, donating a water pump is one impactful solution.

Note: Please add any information you want to share, such as the name that you'd like to see on the plaque for Sadaqah Jariah, to the Notes section when you complete your donation. The plaque can have up to 25 characters, including spaces. Your name will be automatically included on the plaque as a donor unless you explicitly state otherwise.

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Donate Water Hand Pump

Important Questions About Water Pump Donation


How long does it usually take to install an electric hand pump?

From the moment we receive your donation, until you receive our feedback report takes between 1 to 2 months.

How many people can benefit from a water handpump?

The number of people will vary depending on the location. If we install the water pump in a home for a poor family, the number of people may be between 5-7 depending on the size of the family. However, if it is installed in a public area the number of individuals will be much higher.

Can Someone Sponsor a Water Hand Pump on Behalf of a Loved One?

This is a great Sadaqah jariyah. Prophet Muhammad (saw), advised that the best form of charity is to give water. Each hand pump that we install has a plaque where you can write your name. You can also put the name of a loved-one if you like.

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