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Charity Projects
Build a Mosque and Madrasa in Ahmadpur Sharqia Bahawalpur --
Ration Packs To Needy Families --
Give Zakat To The Needy --

Give Zakat To The Needy

Give Zakat To The Needy

100% Zakat Donation Policy | Give With Confidence

Zakat is a compulsory charity donation that is applicable to every adult Muslims who meet the Nisab threshold. It is the third Pillar of Islam and refers to the compulsory charitable donation required by every qualified Muslim and not an act of self-giving through Sadaqah. There are specific rules regarding the people who are eligible to receive Zakat donations.

Zakat Definition

Zakat is a term used to describe the annual gift to charity, which is required under Islamic law. The motives for the donation are applicable to any disposable income, qualified properties, and other assets.

Obligation of Zakat

The obligation of Zakat is well-established in the Quran and it is also a part of the Sunnah. As well as the consensus of the companions and Muslim scholars. Allah declares in Surah at Taubah Verse 34 and 35: "O ye who believe! There are indeed many anchorites and priests, who, in falsehood, consume the human body and block (them) from following the path towards Allah".

Pay Zakat to the Most Needy and Poor

Your Zakat can transform lives, from sheltered those without a home and feeding families that have been enduring in hunger for hours on end. Donate your Zakat wherever the greatest need exists. After you've determined the amount of your Zakat or know what the amount you owe is, you are able to choose to donate by donating to Quran Online Study. Making a donation will aid our appeals, assisting thousands of innocent people who are living in poverty throughout the community.

Your Zakat contributions help the people in the most needy and poorest areas of more than 20 countries around the world. Clean drinking water is provided and care for orphans provide urgent aid to the needy. We also provide nutritious meals to provide food to the hungry and take help the elderly. Donate during Ramadan however, all throughout the year. You never know, your contribution could help save the life of an Muslim sister or brother.

Who can benefit from your Zakat?

Allah (SWT) allows Zakat to be used in various ways, which include:

  • The wayfarer - people who are traveling and/or stranded with a limited supply of food
  • To support the cause to the Cause of Allah (SWT)
  • Those in debt
  • In bondage
  • New Muslims and those who are friends in the Islamic community
  • Zakat administrators - for example, charities
  • The poor (al-masakin) Someone who is suffering hardship
  • Poor (al-fuqara) is someone who has very little or no income

How do you define Nisab?

Nisab is the minimum amount of wealth needed to be accountable to pay Zakat.

The Nisab (or minimal amount) in gold or gold money is twenty mithqal. which is about 85 grams in pure gold. One mithqal equals 4.25 grams. The nisab of silver as well as the silver-based currency of 200 dirhams that's 595 grams in pure silver. The nisab of all other kinds of currency and money is equivalent to that of gold, which is 85 grams of gold pure. That means that the currency nisab is the value of 85 grams of 99-type (pure) gold on the day Zakat gets paid. (Current prices for gold)

The easiest way to get started Zakat

On any date of the season (For example the 21st day of Ramadan) add the worth of your silver, gold savings, cash shares, etc. These represent your entire assets. Take out from this all the money you owe as well as any outstanding bills and these are your obligations. If the balance is higher than the nisab amount the next step is to pay Zakat at 2.5 percentage on the entire amount.

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