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Charity Projects
Build a Mosque and Madrasa in Ahmadpur Sharqia Bahawalpur --
Ration Packs To Needy Families --
Give Zakat To The Needy --
Charity Projects
Build a Mosque and Madrasa in Ahmadpur Sharqia Bahawalpur --
Ration Packs To Needy Families --
Give Zakat To The Needy --

Ration Packs To Needy Families

We offer emergency Ration Packs to families in need

Food is an essential part of living and is not a choice for an animal. People who live below the poverty level are forced to endure hunger because they don't have the money to buy food items to feed them. There are numerous families in Pakistan who are living in poverty and require regular help. The Ration Packs (Food Pack) project provides families with monthly rations that help alleviate their financial burden and provide support to their families.

Quran Online Study distributes Food Packages (Ration Packs) to poor and needy families in Pakistan & India to enable them to live their lives throughout the day during the year, including Ramadan.

What Quran Say about feeding the Hungry?

Feeding poor and hungry is a great act of charity and one that will be rewarded with Allah's mercy. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever feeds a person who is hungry will have his sins forgiven.”.

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Support this campaign and help us to provide Ration Packs to families in need.

Give a month’s ration pack to a needy family. The world has 842 million malnourished people. This means that one out of eight people are not getting enough nutrition to stay fit and healthy. They also don't have enough time to live a full life. The families in need and the poor are from the most marginalized and remote regions of Pakistan and India. They do not have a steady source of income and live their lives with donations and zakat.

For the duration of Ramadan we distributed Food Packs to over 200 families as part of its ration packs support program. We also provided other food items, such as dates, juices, Chickpea, flour (Baisan) and many more.

Family members are in a crisis, are you be of assistance?

Many families have struggled particularly with an ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan. Daily wagers have been particularly affected in this crisis. Our Team is reaching the most in needy families in remote areas of Pakistan and providing them food packs to help and sustain them throughout this wonderful month. Give whatever you can. Please give what you can; only £20 supplies a family of 3 to 5 with food supplies for a month.

We feed those families who are in desperate need. We need your help by supplying them with Ration Packs.

The typical Ration Pack comprises:

  • 20Kgs Flour
  • Rice 3kg
  • Sugar 2kg
  • Pulses
  • Cooking Oil
  • Tea 800gm
  • Salt 800gm
  • Other Products if Cash Left

Then during Ramadan it is a time to increase the number of options to ensure that those who are poor can also take advantage of Ramadan. Over 1000 families await your Donations. A Month's Ration Pack is priced at just £20 so please donate generously.

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