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Islamic Dream Interpretation | Meaning of Your Dreams in Islam

Have you ever wondered what the Islamic dream interpretation means? Well, Sleep is regarded by Islam as one of the great signs of the Creator (Allah), and adherents are urged to examine this indication (for details, the readers are referred to two recent reviews).

[1,2] The Quran states in one verse that “And among His signs is your sleep by night and by day and your pursuit of His bounty, surely in those are signals for those who hearken” (Surah 30:23). [1] Following this, other Muslim intellectuals became intrigued by sleep as a manifestation of the majesty of the Creator and wrote about it in their works. 

Let’s begin by discussing Islamic dream interpretation before getting into more detail. Our lives include dreams. Every person experiences dreams and thoughts, and most of the dreams have a meaning behind them. In this article, we will unwrap the true interpretation of dreams in Islam.

Islamic dream interpretation according to the Islamic point of view 

Dreams are viewed as a form of spiritual insight in Islam. Dreams are referred to in the Quran as Hulum (dream), Ru’yaa (vision), Manam (sleep), and Bushra (tidings). And among Muslims, the phrases “Tafsir” or “Tabir” from the Arabic language are used to denote Islamic dream interpretation, also known as oneiromancy.

There are three different kinds of dreams, according to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): a good dream that brings good news from Allah, a dream that makes you sad that comes from the devil, and a dream that comes from the ramblings of your mind. 

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) dreamed the night before a war, while the Prophet Ibraham (PBUH) received a dream in which he was told to sacrifice his son. [2] In Muslim literature, Islamic dream interpretation, or oneiromancy, has earned a reputation as a science. 

The formula for recognizing dreams in Islam 

Islamic dream interpretation is not an easy task. Ibn Sirin is the most well-known dream interpreter in Islamic history. Based on Hadith and Quranic guidance, he created a system for interpreting dreams. So, Muslims should recognize the significance of dreaming psychologically and spiritually.

In addition to the meaning of the dream, Ibn Sirin adds that the Islamic interpretation of a dream is based upon the dreamer’s life circumstances and personal activities. 

dream in islam

 Dreams are categorized into three groups in Sunnah: 

1- Positivity (Ru’yaa) 

After a dream, if you feel content, it was a positive dream. These are considered to be authentic or excellent dreams that originate from Allah. True dreams are more likely to come true for those who live honestly.

Additionally, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) counseled those who had pleasant dreams to confide in only those they liked and trusted.  

2- Bad dreams (Hulum)

Another type of dream is a nightmare, they make you experience fear, and you’d probably be scared when you wake up. It is thought that Satan is to blame for bad dreams. It is recommended for everyone who has a distressing or unpleasant dream to spit three times on their left side as soon as they wake up to ask Allah for protection from the accursed Satan.

If somebody ever experiences a horrible dream, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also counsels performing prayer and never telling anyone about it. 

3- Psychological dreams

Psychological dreams are another category of dreams. These dreams have something to do with what we do. How we live our lives. If you enjoy cooking, you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen and fantasize about it.

All three types of dreams, but especially the bad ones, usually come from Satan. Thus, you do not need to be concerned about them. 

Some Examples of Islamic Dream Interpretation From Quran 

In Islam Hazrat Yusuf A S is the best at Islamic dream interpretation. So here is the incident: 

Yusuf A S spent many years alone inside the walls of the prison, refining himself and directing the other inmates. 

Life continued as usual until an insignificant event affected not just his fate but also the fate of the entire population of Egypt and those nearby. 

The ‘Aziz served as the minister to the Egyptian Walid-ibn-Rayyan, who had dreamed in what appeared to be confusion. He gathered his entourage, all the dream interpreters, and told his dream to them the following morning. 

He claimed to have experienced a dream in which he witnessed seven plump cows being attacked and consumed by seven lean ones, as well as seven green ears of corn being rendered useless by the presence of seven dry and withered ones whirling around the former. 

“As stated by the King of Egypt, “I saw (in a dream) seven big cows, whom seven skinny cows were devouring, and (seven) green ears of corn, and (seven) other dry ears. 0 noteworthy If you can read dreams, please explain to me what I just had.” 

We are not trained in Islamic dream interpretation, they claimed, adding, “Mixed up bogus dreams.” 

One of the two released inmates eventually thought of Yusuf and said, “I will inform you of its interpretation, therefore send me (to Yusuf).” 

He approached the king, knelt in front of him, and confessed that while they were both imprisoned, they saw dreams within the prison. They told a man there about their dreams, and he gave them an interpretation. What the man had claimed occurred. This man was Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) 

He then requested permission from the king to visit that man and provide the interpretation of the king’s dream to him. 

“O Joseph, the man of truth!” he said. Explain to us the dream of the seven plump cows that the seven lean ones were consuming, as well as the seven green ears of corn and the other (seven) dry ones, so that I can tell the people. “For seven consecutive years, you must sow as usual, and all of the harvest—aside from a small amount that you may eat—that you reap must be stored in your ears.”(Joseph)  

“After that, seven arduous years will follow that will consume everything you have prepared for them in advance, with the exception of a small amount of what you have protected (stored). After then, a year will come in which there will be a lot of rain and people will press (wine and oil).” Qur’an verse 12:43–49 

Another example is the story of Yusuf A S The dream is the starting point of Yusuf A S’s  story, and its interpretation is where it finishes. In his dream, Hazrat Yousaf (AS) saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars kneeling towards him. He (AS) then went immediately to his father, Hazrat Yaqoob, when he woke up (AS). In the following verses from Surah Yousaf, he (AS) described the dream: 

O, my father!” Yusuf exclaimed to his father. The sun, moon, and eleven stars all made prostrations before me as I watched them! 

Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) understood from this that his kid would play a significant role in both this world and the next. But He (AS) urged Hazrat Yousaf (AS) to keep the dream a secret from his brothers. They might attempt to damage him since, in his opinion, they were already envious of him.  

“O my son, do not tell your brothers about your vision, or they will devise a scheme against you,” he said. Indeed, Satan is a clear opponent to man. [Quran, 12:5] 

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Hadith about Islamic dream interpretation 

 I used to have dreams (and was so upset by them) that I started to tremble and became hot, but I didn’t cover myself with a mantle, according to Abu Salama. I told Abu Qatada about it when I first met him. The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) is reported to have said: “A good vision comes from Allah, and a (bad) dream (hulm) comes from the devil.”

As a result, when one of you experiences an unpleasant dream (hulm), he or she should spit three times on their left side and ask Allah for protection from its evil so that it won’t affect them. 

After hearing this hadith, Abu Salama said, “I used to see dreams as weighing more heavily on me than a mountain” (its burden). 

“In fact, the worst of lies is that of a person who falsely claims to have a dream,” the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)) remarked. Sahih Al-Bukhari 

Meaning of signs in dreams 

For accurate Islamic dream interpretation, here are some meanings of signs 

1- Islamic Dream Interpretation of Fire

Someone is a source of light for the people if they observe light emanating from the fire while the fire is directing them in a dream. 

The fire in a dream portends significant changes in your life. 

●     Such a person is filled with worldly aspirations in their heart. 

●     A person like that will stray from Islamic principles. 

●     It also suggests a mistaken turn. 

2- Death

 Death, most likely on a spiritual level, represents poverty, divorce, and loss of religious faith. Repentance and regret for a serious sin are also implied. 

Unexpected death Unexpected difficulties and concerns. 

  • If the king passes away, the nation will be lost. (Chaos in the city or nation upon the passing of the imam (Muslim spiritual leader) 
  • The passing of an ulema (a Muslim religious scholar) means that no one can learn Islamic law there anymore. 
  • If either parent passes away, there will be a material or spiritual decline. 
  • Father’s passing: Concerns about the dreamer’s financial situation. 
  • Mother’s death: Anxiety and grief, and failure in achieving success. 
  • The loss of a daughter: Joy will be replaced by despair. 

3- Islamic Dream Interpretation of Marriage

Marriage in a dream symbolizes Allah’s Almighty providence and concern for His slaves. In addition to marriage, other connotations of marriage in dreams include captivity, debt, grief, pain, depression, carrying a responsibility, and aspirations for high positions. 

4- Blood

 If a person sees blood in a dream. In light of this, ibn e Sirin, the best Islamic dream analyst, claims that dreaming of blood symbolizes good health, going home after a long time, earning money illegally, and committing evil deeds. 

5- Islamic Dream Interpretation of Baby girl

 It is believed to be a better dream than a baby boy. For anyone who sees her, it stands for joy and happiness. 

6- Baby boy

It symbolizes sorrow and harsh words for the person who is the recipient of a boy. 

7- Mirror in a Person Dream

 According to scholars, a mirror in a person’s dream also indicates manhood, virtues, and station, all of which depend on the size of the mirror they see. In a dream, looking into a silver mirror connotes losing one’s status as well as facing difficulties, distress, and dread.

Dreaming of looking into a golden mirror denotes the tenacity of one’s faith, devotion to one’s religion, success after suffering, atonement, and restoring one’s place and prestige. Given that a husband and wife are reflections of one another, seeing a broken mirror in a dream portends the passing of one’s wife. 

Islamic Dream Interpretation Conclusion 

Islamic dream interpretation is the subject of the entire article. This article has taught us that dreams are an important element of life. Three broad categories can be used to categorize dreams. There are pleasant, unpleasant, and psychological nightmares.

Psychological dreams are a byproduct of our everyday activity, whereas bad dreams are the work of the devil. The Hadith-based Islamic dream interpretation is then clarified. Finally, we have deciphered several dream-related signs.

To dream is to live. Don’t depend on it for your life, good or bad. If you ever experience dream anxiety, turn to Allah in prayer. The best planner is him. 

Islamic Dream Interpretation FAQs 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand the idea of Islamic dream interpretation. 

 Q1. Should we tell everyone about our pleasant dreams? 

No! Good dreams should only be shared with people you like and trust, according to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

Q2. Depending on what factor might I see a mirror in my dreams? 

 Depending on the size of the mirror one sees in his dream, manhood, virtues, and rank are also represented by mirrors in dreams.  

Q3. Which falsehood, in the eyes of the Hadith, is the worst? 

“In fact, the worst of lies is that of a person who falsely claims to have a dream,” the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)) remarked. Sahih Al-Bukhari 

Q4. What should you do if you have a bad dream? 

It is thought that Satan is to blame for bad dreams. It is recommended for everyone who has a distressing or unpleasant dream to spit three times on their left side as soon as they wake up to ask Allah for protection from the accursed Satan. 

Q5. Which Prophet had the dream of sacrificing his own son? 

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) had the dream of sacrificing his own son. 

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