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Charity Projects
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Ration Packs To Needy Families --
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Sponsor A Hafiz Quran | Hafiz Sponsorship

Sponsor a Hafiz/Hafiza is one of the best forms of Sadaqah Jariyah

Sponsoring a Hafiz of Quran means giving a child in need the chance to gain an Islamic education. It doesn't only improve their life chances but also benefit the children of others too, as the information is passed on. The act of sponsor a Hafiz can also mean facilitating the students to learn about the Quran. Which is crucial in the spiritual development and direction that is required by Muslim communities.

We're committed to helping children from poor families by providing them with a Quranic education by way of our Hafiz Sponsorship Program. It gives them the chance to comprehend and learn The Holy Quran, as well as providing a basic secular education. Hifz sponsorship program provides children with fee, food and medical care thanks to the generosity by our sponsors.

Why would you want to sponsor a Hafiz / Hafiza

The teachings of the Quran is an essential aspect to an Islamic faith. Yet, thousands of poor and vulnerable children's around the globe are deprived of their right to education. Additionally, many of these childrens have to learn to earn an income and provide for their families even though they are young.

If you are able to take on the role of sponsor a Hafiz/Hafiza Programe, you will reap many blessings as they study, memorise and pass on how to memorise and teach the Holy Quran for years to follow.

Note: This Hafiz Sponsorship Program is  Zakat Compliant ( You can also use zakat money to sponsor a hafiz )

Sponsor this child to become a Hafiza of the Holy Quran and gain rewards beyond measure

Sponsor a Hafiza

Name: Halima
Age: 9
Father Name: M Aarif
      Sponsor: Hafiza of Quran       

Sponsor Halima Now

Sponsor a Hafiz

Name: Sadiqa
Age: 9
Father Name: Samiullah
Sponsor: Hafiza of Quran

Sponsor Sadiqa Now

Sponsor a Hafiz of Quran

Name: Aalia
Age: 8
Father Name: M Tariq
Sponsor: Hafiza of Quran

Sponsor Aalia Now

Sponsor a Hafiza

Name: Rihana
Age: 9
Father Name: Saifurhman
Sponsor: Hafiza of Quran

Sponsor Rihana Now

Sponsor a Hafiza

Name: Ambreen
Age: 9
Father Name: M Mosa
Sponsor: Hafiza of Quran

Sponsor Ambreen Now

Status of Hafiz In Islam

Anyone who has memorized the Quran is known as Hafiz The keeper and guardian. He or she memorize the verses in order to ensure their safety within his heart. Learning the Quran word-for-word is a immense reward when done only in order to find Allah's pleasure. Due to the amazing reward promised to Hafiz in Islam. We encourage everyone Muslim family members to enrol in Quran memorization classes and remain consistent to achieve their goals.

For Huffaz No Fear On The Day of Judgement

The day of the Judgement where everyone will be confused and fearful of the severity and terrible consequences. The huffaz would be as serene as a calm sea. This is how importance of Hifz that it is narrated by Umar R.A the Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated,

"Three persons will have no fear of the horrors on the day of Judgement, nor will they be required to render any account. They will stroll merrily on mounds of musk until the people are relieved of rendering their account. One is a person who learns Quran, merely seeking Allah's pleasure.''

Hafiz Sponsorship Faqs

Q- How Long Does The Sponsorship Last?

12 months if it is paid annually. If you pay for 3 Years, the sponsorship will last until the Hafiz/hafiza learn Quran by Heart and become Hafiz.

Q- How Long Will It Take For A Child To Become A Hafiz?

3 to 4 years, on average.

Q- What Feedback Is Provided to Sponsor?

We will will provide you a profile of the child, which  you're helping as well as some details about the background. We will send a personalized video of your sponsor child's with a brief messages for both you and the family. A report after every 2 Months & end of the year will be sent out to you displaying the study development of the hafiza as well as their plans.

Q- How Does Your Donation Help?

Your contribution helps the hafiz/hafiza by supplying the following:

Food and healthcare Support

The ability to become Hafiz of the Quran

Islamic Knowledge

Our Donors:

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